IOT independent research
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Facing the new energy and
power industry

Millisecond device control

With AI autonomous learning ability

CDN Cloud deployment service

Modular business processes

Standardization framework

Backend enterprise JAVA
technology development


Disencrold AI iot Cloud platform is a new Internet of Things intelligent management platform launched by Disencrold Group in 2024. The technology architecture is based on global CDN cloud deployment services, back-end enterprise JAVA technology development, and uses Google's latest global standardization framework in 2024.


The platform module is classified into five parts: energy storage AI cloud platform, charging pile AI cloud platform, PV AI cloud platform, microgrid AI cloud platform, intelligent power distribution AI cloud platform, and customized AI cloud platform. Each module can be operated independently or combined with others to achieve the collaborative management of the energy and power industry, hardware, data, and business.

Energy Storage AI Cloud Platform

Charging Pile AI Cloud Platform

PV AI Cloud Platform

Microgrid AI Cloud Platform

Intelligent Power Distribution AI Cloud Platform

Customized AI Cloud Platform


Real-time overview of equipment information, parameter control second level delivery, alarm notification and record elimination management, cost report statistics, accurate query of historical data, exclusive innovative drag-and-drop real-time preview technology provincial period electricity price management, PCS system parameter management, BMS management can be accurate to the status voltage and temperature of each battery cell, monthly total charge and discharge income management and report, storage Cabinet fire extinguishing module control, air conditioning meter accurate measurement control, with tenant mode, can manage and create multiple subordinate agent sub-accounts, and create sub-accounts EMS power station.


Powerful and user-friendly device management, providing complete device management capabilities, such as device status visualization, remote configuration, remote fault location, device firmware/software upgrade and maintenance.
Open up capabilities such as device management, data, and rules to help industry applications incubate quickly. Functional components and data analysis capabilities for smart homes, public utilities and other fields help the industry to be intelligent.