Sharing Incentives and Enhancing Vitality

  • Tysen-KLD adheres to the general principle of compensation incentive, emphasizing value co-creation, responsibility sharing and benefit sharing, and incentivizing employees' innovative spirit.
  • The incentive gap is established based on the disparity in employee contributions, guided by the principles of value creation and performance outcomes, while simultaneously emphasizing both material and non-material incentives.
  • Equity incentives, rationalization proposal incentives, immediate incentives, and honorary awards.


Double-channel Development, Precision Improvement

  • Double channels for career development enable both management talents and professional and technical talents to devise their own career plans.
  • Clear job qualification standards serve as catalyst for employees to continuously enhance their skills and achieve exceptional outcomes.
  • Tailor-made training process for professional positions assists employees in precisely enhancing their job capabilities.


Talent Development, Training Empowerment

  • The training program encompasses a diverse range of formats, including lectures, case analysis, and group discussions, which enables employees to deepen their understanding and application of knowledge across various aspects.
  • The training content is closely integrated with practical work scenarios to facilitate the seamless transfer of acquired knowledge into real-world applications, thereby enhancing work efficiency and quality.
  • The experienced trainers create a relaxed and pleasant learning atmosphere for employees.


Talent Concept


Staff Style